September 4, 2020

World Childless Week Gives Voice to the Growing Childless Community

World Childless Week is almost upon us. It originated in 2017 to support and build awareness for the childless not by choice community.

In its initial week, September 2017, Twitter analytics documented 1.2 million tweets of #worldchildlessweek. In 2018 World Childless Week reached 85 countries.  Readers may recall I was one of those who shared the event in 2018 even as I wrestled with my chronic dislike of the word childless. Last year I shared in the Finding Acceptance category.

World Childless Week U.S. Census Growth in Childless Numbers

While the baggage associated with the term continues to make me uncomfortable, I technically do fit the description. There are no direct descendants on my branch of the family tree.  I am not alone and my demographic category is growing.

Here in the U.S., according to the U.S. Census in 2018, the percentage of childless women between 25 and 29 was 54.2%, an all-time high. That’s up from previous all-time high of 49.6% were in 2014. It’s curious that there is no 50+ category.  Do we cease to exist?

World Childless Week
Apart from the hard data, there are many implications for those of us as we age without descendants.  For those who anticipated offspring, we traverse various stages: trying; grieving; reconciling; and then more practically, working out how to plan our later years.

World Childless Week ThemesIn short, there’s much to consider. Fortunately, WCW Founder Stephanie Phillips has been hard at work preparing this year’s campaign and themes for September 14-20, 2020. There are a number of giveaways, webinars and blog contributions.  You’ll find my thoughts Sunday, September 20, about Moving Forwards. For all the World Childless Week details, please check out the campaign website.

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World Childless WeekRemarking on the World Childless Week growth, engagement and participation Stephanie says:

“Childless men and women from around the world are starting to find their inner voice to speak out, and reach out, to those who hide their childlessness for fear of shame and judgement. Childlessness is an unrecognized but large and growing minority that the world can no longer shy away from. When women in their seventies tell me they are grateful to find a supportive community for the first time in their life it reinforces the need to create more awareness that help is available from those who understand.”

World Childless Week Champions support those who are all childless not by choice and share the same determination to grow the awareness week.  Regardless of what stage or how you define yourself, you’ll find kindred spirits

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