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November 23, 2021

Warmth and Wonder, Anyone?

Warmth, wonder, and pearls of wisdom drop into our lives when we least expect them, don’t they?

Late this afternoon, for instance, amid a spectacular late autumn sunset. Warm sunlight bathed my face and waves softly lapped at my feet.  This natural beauty overwhelmed so thoroughly that, well, I burst into tears. There was nothing more that I needed in that moment.  Any worries melted away.

Warmth Over Time

So, amid this magnificence, gratitude washed over me.

I will have more in the way of insights, newfound wisdom, some happenings and publishing news to share later this week and next.  Tonight, however, I simply want to wish everyone who drops by a warm hug and much peace.

p.s. Today, November 23 — in 1939 — is the day my father arrived into the world. It was as though his beautiful aura and energy came to visit this afternoon. His presence and splendor surrounded me and wrapped me in a warm embrace.


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Different Than I Expected, Remembrance 3 Replies to “Warmth and Wonder, Anyone?”
Pamela Tsigdinos
Pamela Tsigdinos
Writer, blogger and, oh, yeah, infertility survivor. My memoir, Silent Sorority, tells the whole story. There's a movie in there somewhere. Given the quirkiness needed to relate it all I'm thinking Jennifer Lawrence would be a good fit.


3 thoughts on “Warmth and Wonder, Anyone?

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    Dear Pamela,
    I am glad you felt your dad’s beautiful energy so close on that day.

    I love the picture of this stunning lake. And I feel blessed that I have already been on the shores of this wonderful place together with you. I hope to return here one day!

    Wishing you and your husband and your mom a happy Thanksgiving!

    sending a hug from Europe.


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      Ah! Thank you, Klara. So lovely to hear from you. You were on my mind earlier today. Would love to see you again — hopefully in 2022?

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        2022 would be great great <3

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