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November 19, 2010

Thankful For Not So Silent Women

“I want to be totally okay with what is and surprised by how marvelous the future will be.”

I read that quote on LaBelette Rouge‘s blog this morning and thought, That is so where I am today. Now, how the hell did I manage to get here?

This comes after a walk down memory lane last night. I participated on a RESOLVE teleseminar (podcast soon to be available for download) about Surfing the Web for Fertility Information. As the “special guest blogger,” it was my job to address the ins and outs of infertility blogging. In preparation I time traveled back to 2006 when I read a small piece in the Wall Street Journal about women chronicling their infertility experiences online. I was aghast and intrigued.

A few months later in February 2007, I sat down in front of my computer and searched online for “infertility blogs.” My first post, written under a pseudonym had me so anxiety riddled — good God I was telling the world my deepest, darkest secret — I almost got physically ill. (Thank you, TUMS EX-750, for calming my stomach down.)

Fast forward to last night. On the phone with me was Jennifer Redmond, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Fertility Authority and Rebecca Flick of RESOLVE, both accomplished and caring women who share a dedication to removing the stigma associated with infertility. We laid out some things to consider for those engaging in online infertility searches for the first time.

As I talked about the blogosphere I realized how central blogging has been not only in making sense of complex, long suppressed ideas and emotions, but in opening up new connections to fabulous, fascinating, all around warm, witty and wonderful women. This takes me back to LaBelette Rouge, who embodies those very characteristics. We met face to face last Friday evening when she was up from Southern California to the Bay area, but we’ve been blog buddies for some time, connected by our desire for reinvention and making sense of the curve balls that life throws our way.

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This Thanksgiving season, among the many things I’m thankful for in my life are the women (and that means y’all) who have helped moved me along the path to being “totally okay with what is and surprised by how marvelous the future will be.”

Now it’s your turn. What are you thankful for?


Different Than I Expected, Tapestry of Voices 12 Replies to “Thankful For Not So Silent Women”
Pamela Tsigdinos
Pamela Tsigdinos
Writer, blogger and, oh, yeah, infertility survivor. My memoir, Silent Sorority, tells the whole story. There's a movie in there somewhere. Given the quirkiness needed to relate it all I'm thinking Jennifer Lawrence would be a good fit.


12 thoughts on “Thankful For Not So Silent Women

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    Sorry to sound so terribly sappy but this post really touched me and water came from my eyes and washed away my very expensive eye cream (some people call this *crying*). I am very grateful to have found your blog, become a bloggy friend and to have had the chance to meet you in person. I am very grateful for what is, in so many areas of my life. I am also amazed what the future continues to deliver. I hope, truly, that the future brings us together for a long lunch.
    Love post from lovely YOU. xoxo

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    I read this quote this morning too and was deeply moved by it.
    I am so thankful to have read your book while I was making art for my show. It gave me the reassurance that I needed, and made me understand that it was important to be seen. I am thankful that you opened up my little email and ushered me into a community I had only hoped existed. I am thankful to be where I am now and am so looking forward to where I am going!

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    Pamela – I am thankful for you – you are out there with your machete hacking a path through society for yourself and for all the women who will find themselves childless despite their wish to be mothers. You are brave and truly inspiring!!

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    Glad – thankful even – to have you in the ‘sphere!


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    Alex thoroughly loved this imagery — and I did, too. I draw my inspiration from women like you…

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    Your blog brings to light a very important topic. I think there are more of us child-free people out there than we can even imagine.

    This T-giving I am grateful for the work of Senator Lugar and his staff who are helping us “break” the child we’re waiting to out of Vietnam due to a political quagmire.

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    Also very thankful for your friendship & all that you have done for us. : )
    Will you let us know when that podcast is available?

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    I am incredibly thankful that I found your blogs and book Pamela! You (and your blog buddies) are giving me some much needed inspiration and hope that there is a happy and rewarding life out there after years of trying to conceive. A month ago my spirit was broken but after reading your book and your blogs I feel very different about the future. Thank you so much!

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    Dear Leanne,
    Your comment means so much. Thank you for taking the time to write. You’ve underscored the power of the Internet in identifying and bringing together those who share a difficult but strong bond. So glad you found this community. It inspires me every day…

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    Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

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    I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon.I enjoy reading your commentaries.

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    Very Interesting Blog! Thank You For Thi Post!

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