mother’s day

Another Perspective

Mother Is Also a Verb

Mother is a word typically associated with an individual. This gets hammered hard particularly toward the second week in May as greeting card companies and consumer marketing teams get busy. But, let’s remember mother is also a verb (and an adjective for that matter). Mother Of All Change We’ve had to rethink many things during […]

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Mothers Day
Pop Culture
Strength Personified

Mother’s Day? It’s Complicated

Mother’s Day is far from black and white. For many it’s stress-inducing and, simply, complicated. I know. A decade or more ago around early May I would do my best to tune out. First I adopted a bunker mentality.  Then came humor. In 2009 I solicited greeting card ideas for women who don’t fit neatly […]

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Tapestry of Voices

M.O.M. — From Today Forward It Means ‘Mentor of Many’

Long-time readers will recall that one particular three-letter word once had the power to torment me. It prompted off-the-chart levels of irritation approaching the second Sunday in May. For instance, you may remember the time in 2009 I asked for reader input on greeting card ideas that we’d never find as a way to let […]

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