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December 20, 2012

Kindness Comes in Many Forms

We all feel helpless when we witness suffering and pain. In the wake of the heartbreaking events I am reminded that one of the best ways to cope with grief and loss, and begin to heal is help another person who is grieving. This time of year, as the nights grow longer, we turn inward and reflect on where we have been and what awaits us in the New Year.
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December 3, 2012

Misinformation Is Worse Than No Information

It’s easy to reach the conclusion misinformation is worse than no information when you see how half-truths can radically adversely influence lives. While infertility has been documented as early as the biblical era it’s only recently, as science has advanced, that we’ve heard it discussed in more than whispers. My generation was lulled into believing that science had cracked the fertility code with test-tube babies only to learn — usually too late — that not all infertility is alike. READ MORE

September 23, 2011

Free To Be You and Me

I’m not sure what possessed me to write it. Was it my cumulative annoyance at People magazine for devoting so much editorial real estate (for instance every week!) to celebrating all aspects of parenthood (hey – how about some equal time, People editors)? Was it the veiled tone of pity, the whiff of judgment, or […]

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