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Living the Life Unexpected Takes on New Meaning

Living the life unexpected has become all too startlingly familiar, hasn’t it? Who among us has not felt jolted by the sudden onset of this out-of-nowhere, insidious coronavirus threat to what had been our mostly well-ordered lives and sense of agency? But, from my personally Cloroxed plane seat amid the current pandemic yesterday a spectacular […]

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Brief Sabbatical: A Look Back and Ahead

A sabbatical usually starts with a plan. Not in my case. This latest one, unannounced and unanticipated, found me. My time away from the blog started with an innocent commitment to spend 2020 more offline than online. The year started well enough. However, three weeks into January, the flu followed by a nasty case of […]

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We’re Not Going to Sugar Coat Failed IVF: The Grief is Real

Updated 9/23/2016 with a link to The New York Times Letter to the Editor  ~~ Welcome to the blog book tour for Avalanche: A Love Story The links (below) contain book reviews and opinions and insights on Avalanche by author Julia Leigh. Please share your thoughts on the ideas raised. Also, this blog’s readers were not […]

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