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February 27, 2021

Forever Changed … Again

Change comes slowly and then all at once. I honestly thought I would be better at coping with change and the pandemic bunker mentality by now.  But after a year, I still feel compelled to dig into my reserves to get through most days.  I know I’m not alone (feel y’all) in my exhaustion and […]

Pandemic, What I Wish I'd Know Then 12 Replies to “Forever Changed … Again”
February 8, 2021

Hello? Is This Thing On?

Hello! While the pandemic has left me unable to immediately recognize what day of the week it is most mornings when I open my eyes, I did recall this weekend that it’s blog anniversary time. Yep. First week of February = Surviving in a Mommy Mad World Coming2Terms launch. This year marks 14 years. Fourteen […]

Pandemic 15 Replies to “Hello? Is This Thing On?”
December 16, 2020

Atta Girl (And That Means, You!)

Atta Girl is a new publication on Medium. (More about why it exists in a minute.) Today, I am pleased to be among its published writers. Now, I don’t know about you, but I got a little weary of the Momala, Momala, Momala in recent weeks.  The ‘momification’ of Kamala got me thinking and writing. […]

Changing Perceptions, Pop Culture 4 Replies to “Atta Girl (And That Means, You!)”
October 9, 2020

Tokenism Takes a New Form

Tokenism is an awkward thing to experience. I never fully understood how prevalent it is for childless women, but the penny dropped a few weeks ago. So, it started when a Random House marketing manager sent a ham-handed email. She asked if I’d like to read and share The Trying Game as part of October’s […]

Book Musings 3 Replies to “Tokenism Takes a New Form”
September 19, 2020

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Adaptation Is Our Superpower

Adaptation goes hand in hand with moving forward. This thought came to mind as I sat down in late August to write the following blog post for the final day of World Childless Week 2020.  I had hoped to log in and participate in some of the WCW live events, but this week overlapped with […]

Fortitude, Linking Around 0 Replies to “From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Adaptation Is Our Superpower”
September 4, 2020

World Childless Week Gives Voice to the Growing Childless Community

World Childless Week is almost upon us. It originated in 2017 to support and build awareness for the childless not by choice community. In its initial week, September 2017, Twitter analytics documented 1.2 million tweets of #worldchildlessweek. In 2018 World Childless Week reached 85 countries.  Readers may recall I was one of those who shared […]

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August 20, 2020

Kamala! Finally A Politician Who Sees Us

Kamala Harris won my heart for many reasons. Her Vice President acceptance speech, however, really resonated. Politicians (or their wives), for years, have harped on and on about their traditional families. Women politicians who have birthed a child, in particular, preface most of their speeches with “as a mother” or “as a mom.” It’s as […]

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July 9, 2020

IVF Industry Can’t Have it Both Ways

IVF industry messaging is a hot mess. That’s the conclusion I came to after seeing yet another study this week come from the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE). Yes, you read that headline correctly. Patients overestimate success in IVF. The implication is that we arrived at this conclusion independently. As my colleague […]

Bioethics One Reply to “IVF Industry Can’t Have it Both Ways”
June 19, 2020

Social Media and ‘Sharenting’ Revisited

Social media, more often than not these days, tests our patience and our sensibilities. Let’s face it, we’ve all had to decide what is and isn’t cool to post. Trial and error hasn’t always proven pretty. For instance, those early days of social media were downright goofy as we all tried to discern what, exactly, […]

Pop Culture 2 Replies to “Social Media and ‘Sharenting’ Revisited”
May 8, 2020

Mother Is Also a Verb

Mother is a word typically associated with an individual. This gets hammered hard particularly toward the second week in May as greeting card companies and consumer marketing teams get busy. But, let’s remember mother is also a verb (and an adjective for that matter). Mother Of All Change We’ve had to rethink many things during […]

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