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This blog works how? We’ll figure that out together. This site is primarily a place for women who, for a variety of reasons, don’t count mother among their roles. Drop me an email: ptsigdinos (@) yahoo dot com if you’d like to submit a guest post for consideration and/or blog links. You can also join the conversation here on any number of active posts. Note: Humor, irony and thoughtful insights are always welcome. Not so interested in rants, which is why this site is moderated.

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    Hi Pamela,
    After working with Lisa Manterfield, I decided to create my own blog about life without kids. It’s in french. I saw your message to Jody Day about the possibility of creating a discussion in NY about that subject. I am VERY interested in participating in this since NY is a couple of hours away from Mtl. Please, keep me posted!

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    Hi Pamela!

    I heard by Jody Day that you were looking for woman interested in participating in big conversation about infertility in NY. I am very interested. I created a blog in french about living without children. I live in Mtl and NY is only a couple of hours away!!! ;-) Please, keep me posted!

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    Life changes when u come to know you are infertile.Initially I was scared to use this word for myself as the acceptance was not there . But past three years has been a learning experience for me , I am 32 yrs old and got married at the age of 27yrs , with this fertility thing I am evolving as a person ….. Getting stronger internally with each test being conducted and proving my infertility be it HSG , Ovulation monitoring , Laproscopy , TB in my endometrial lining , Endometriosis , High Prolactin , Thyroid………. All these things have made me fighter and I have learnt to acccept the social sympathies , people discussing me at my back and some making me realise that I am infertile ……. Your own loved ones not able to understand you ………. I have started connecting with almighty …….. N most of all I left my job …….. Though everyone asked me n are still asking why I left job ……. But I answered everyone gracefully with a smile on my face that I want to enjoy life …….. Enjoy small things in life …….. I know at emotional level , I have to fight this battle alone ….. N i will fight it out ……….

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