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New York Times Op-Ed: Selling the Fantasy of Fertility

NYT Oped

Fertility Fantasy?

I joined with health advocate and journalist Miriam Zoll to write “Selling the Fantasy of Fertility” for The New York Times. It’s hugely gratifying to be selected for the op-ed page.

Fertility medicine stories shouldn’t just focus on the potential of science but on the limitations, too.

If you’ve read one breathless headline in popular media about the latest and greatest breakthroughs in fertility medicine you’ve read them all. Articles written about reproductive medicine routinely characterize assisted reproductive technologies (I.U.I, I.V.F., donor eggs, egg freezing and surrogacy) as a “sure thing” when, it turns out, close to 80 percent of the cycles performed annually around the world fail. It took some digging to arrive at the truth. This is because clinics are reluctant if not downright misleading about success rates.  The facts, however, are spelled out on the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology website.

Read more on what led to this piece here >>>

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