Bylined Work

One of the most valuable aspects of this blog is the compassionate commenting and conversations that take place within. Do be sure to read and participate. This is above all a safe place for those — many of whom arrive from an emotionally fragile place — to find understanding and a path forward.

You only have to watch this video I created Infertility’s Emotional Impact (now nearly 10 years ago)for the International Infertility Film Festival in 2007 to fully appreciate how far down the road I’ve come. The multimedia project was an attempt to express emotions that had haunted me for far too long. Through exploring and expressing some unexpected emotions in the wake of failed fertility treatments, you’ll see an evolution both on this blog (and in the guest posts), as well as the Coming2Terms blog content and related comments.

On this tab you’ll see links to pieces I wrote for other publications including STAT, The New York Times, WIRED and FORTUNE. You’ll find links to my contributions to the Seleni House as well as a bylined post for The New York Times Motherlode blog on Mother’s Day weekend in 2010. They are evidence that the darkness that surrounds us as we initially come to terms with the finality of infertility does indeed lift and new light and purpose finds us and carries us forward.


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  1. Finding the right person and marrying at 39, being infertile, being too old for a US adoption, and too poor to adopt in another country led me to my present circumstances of never being a mother. I went through the pain, anger, and depression and was finally accepting my situation when now I am experiencing all the old feelings again since my peers are all becoming grandmothers!

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